The act of disappearing or becomeing invisible.
Chick 1: Wow i cant see him anymore
Chick 2: Dont worry about him, his poofing
by Poofing:) September 13, 2009
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The sexual act of being anally penetrated by a blow up doll's penis or attached dildo.
Spent the whole night poofing, can't sit down and I need a new doll.
by Magnus Rahl September 7, 2016
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to engage in smoking, generally marijuana.
me and my boys were poofing on a fat blunt.
by qbert June 1, 2003
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the act of cuming or throwing baby powder onto someones ass. Not in a sexual way more like a prank.
While poofing Tim the other night we got baby powder all over!
by robolovo January 26, 2009
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I need some poof poof. I want some poof poof. Lets go out and get some poof poof.
by WK poof poof committee October 29, 2008
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A homosexual, the poor man's term for homosexual. A word made famous and most commonly associated with Monty Python.
You great poof.

"Oh poof's not good enough for HIM, he has to be a bleeding FAIRY!"
by Jess October 20, 2003
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To have left without warning; vanished.

Used mostly in an online context when a friend stops talking without using an away message. Derived from the typical magic act of the magician dissapearing in a poof of smoke.
I was talking to Aiden on AIM when he just poofed for 20 minutes.
by pr0digy December 5, 2004
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