Smart,intelligent,goofy,funny,athletic,most likely rich,humble,out going ,travels a lot ,popular,has may friends,people want to be around her or be her,stunning,beautiful,great eyebrows,probably accepts you on Instagram if she wants,probably has thousand of request and only accepts 400,quite and loud,good cleaner,good sports player,
You're such a Gretel
by Shimmerglows139 December 28, 2016
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Gretel is a very shy person with a great personality. She is very self-centered and hates being alone. She is vey outgoing once you get to know her. She wants a person who will listen to her and will understand. She is the perfect lover, and once she has eyes for someone she makes that person her #1 priority
she’s SUCH a gretel
I want to be a gretel
by 🥺💕 July 11, 2019
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Some small annoying girl that accuses people of soliciting prostitution and calls them cramps.
Gretel: idk u just seem like u buy protitutes
John: WHAT?! that's not better
Gretel: It's better than being a cramp
by Fluffy4evah October 3, 2011
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Bitchy bitch bicth!


Good friend, ass kicker, hellaciouse bitch!
Dont be such a gretel, bitch face!
by Maddy April 8, 2004
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Strong, hot lil girly!

i love ya!
I love my gretel!
by Loverboy April 8, 2004
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When you take a crap in the woods and leave a trail of toilet paper leading to the poo so you don't step in it later.
one deer hunter to another: "I left a Hansel and Gretel by the big pine tree, so you may want to avoid that area; At least it's clearly marked".
by tenesmus November 23, 2017
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a saying to tell someone to shut up when talking. is very cool because it is rhyming. you can also use, chill bill, or, leave steve. these are all good options.
her: my life is over

me: settle gretel.
by pheoebffsydjm June 23, 2017
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