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A non-binary gender where you feel multiple genders either at once, or at seperate times.

See Genderfluid, Multigender, and Non-Binary
She felt masculine, feminine and genderfluid all at once, making her Polygender
by LGBTQ+4LIFE April 18, 2018
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A person who has multiple genders. The genders can either fluctuate or be simultaneously present. Aside of male and female a polygender person's genders can include non-binary identities as well (genderqueer, agender, neutrois, etc).
I have a polygender identity, because my gender fluctuates among male, neutrois and genderqueer.
by szivarvanyon February 26, 2015
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A mentally ill, confused liberal that hates Donald Trump
Person 1: "I identify as Polygender"
Person 2: "Your parents must have been very abusive, I'm sorry"
by Toastmaan May 27, 2018
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The condition of one having more than one sex. It can be a physical condition, mental state or both. Typically occures when one is born one gender but thinks he/she should be of the other gender. (see Gender Confusion) This condition is also seen physically during transexual transformation.
It is used but rarely, to discribe the participants in an orgy or fuckfest.
Sam thinks he's actually Samantha. To try to eliminate this state of polygender, Sam's getting a sex change.
by Steve52 September 06, 2009
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