Like Polly Pocket: ie. someone who is small but not a midget or dwarf but petite. A girl who is 5 feet tall or shorter, and is a size 0.
Amanda is a petite girl, like Polly Pocket.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
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Polly is a very sweet funny girl with a big heart she is that one girl that is so uniqueand talented she’s a very gorgeous girl with a NICE BODY Also super Sassy in the best way! She always stands up for her and her friends.
Polly is my best friend!
by #DaQueen January 03, 2019
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Polly is absolutely stunning but she doesn’t take advantage of it. Tall, blonde, tan and beautiful. Usually very loud and funny. She finds herself disliked because she may come on too strong but only the real ones know.
Person Polly doesn’t know: “Polly’s alright. She a bit too crazy though”
Polly’s BFF: Just get to know her and that’ll change.
by kirsten_apps October 03, 2019
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A lass who enjoys a nice garlic bread
Took her to Bella pasta she was a right Polly
by Garlic bread February 04, 2019
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A name you call Sex on a drug called Molly which is similar to ecstasy that makes sexual intercourse longer lasting and better feeling saying that your pussy or penis is on Molly aka Polly
John- hey Sally wanna pop a Molly I want some Polly tonight
Sally- sure john I love your Polly
by Vanilla wells January 10, 2014
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Polly. A name that is only given to a sweet, nice and hot girl.

Everyone wants to be friends with a Polly!
Everyone knows that a Polly is the most attractive girl in the school.
Everyone wants to be a Polly.
Girl 1: "Oh hey there's Polly!"
Girl 2: "Oh yeah!" "Let's go become friends with her!"
Girl 1: "Hey Polly!"
Polly: "Hey!!!" "How's it going!!"
Girl 1 & 2: "Great!!!!"
Polly: "I'll catch you around some other time!"
Girl 1: "That is exactly what you said a Polly would be"
Girl 2: "I know!!! She is amazing!"
by AwesomeGirl88 November 16, 2011
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