1.complete dick head

2.boyfriend stealer
3.fake friend
4.she should go stuff her suck up little self in a parrots ass hole
5.maths coypier
6.winner of the all round cuntish person of the year award
7.go die in a hole in hell polly i fuckin hate you
8.just stop trying to be cool cause it just looks bad on you
person: who’s a cunt
me: polly
by Polly is a dickhead November 27, 2017
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A young girl who loves to be silly. Has a funny, sweet, kind, and quirky personality. Loves to read about positive female role models.
Wow, Polly is so funny!
by Catnip District 12 January 09, 2019
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when u like more than one person u are polly
Me talking to my bff: girl I think I’m polly...cuz I like both Ian and Brennan..what do I do?
My bff having the best advice ever: tell me everything and then we’ll see why u like both of them and why u say u are apparently “polly”
by ISSAredDIAMOND January 01, 2020
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A tall kind girl. Polly’s are usually intellectual but are also very bigheaded and refuse to be wrong. They often replace people as they feel like they rare in power. They will change themselves to fit in and are very manipulative people.
“Did you hear that Polly got a new best friend?” “Another one?!”
by 123kitty@ December 19, 2019
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A Polly is a abbr. of a Polly Pocket. She is so small and cute you can fit her into your pocket and take her with you where ever you go.

A Polly has a real name and its normally 'Carrie'.

Carrie has the most beautiful soul i've ever known and i love her.
First guy -'This girl was so cute and little'
Second guy -'Ahhh i see, sounds like a Polly to me.

First guy - Does she fit inside your pocket?.
Second guy - Yeah, she is my little Polly Pocket.
by Mr Jaffa Cake March 05, 2009
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A woman, either incapable or unwilling to think for herself and just parrots back her husband or boyfriend's view points.
Jane would never attend a women's rights march because she's such a Polly.
via giphy
by Montsmo July 06, 2017
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Polly is a girl with lush yellow hair and outstanding wonky teeth . She usually has a friend called Connie
Wow,, I see that Polly over there ,, her hair illuminates the world
by Palepotato April 28, 2017
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