An amazing, beautiful, bubbly person! Gives the best hugs! She is there for you 24/7! She is so supportive and loving! One of the nicest people on earth! She is always honest! Such a true human being! You can always count on her! One of the easiest people to get along with! Very trustworthy and just simply AMAZING! xxxx
Love you Polly! xxxx
by Cutiebear December 30, 2011
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Slang for any non-white chick who loves to date white guys.
"Hey, looks like Tai Chi is giving you the eye Bro."

"Yea, Polly wants a cracker!"
by Mo Fro Bro July 31, 2006
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The prettiest girl i have ever met she will always put a smile on my face her gorgeous curly blonde hair is always there bobbing about. She will never be mean about anyone,and sh has the craziest (but the cooolest) clothes and she will always be my best friend and i will always love her to pieces. her laugh has got to be the coolest. Her sense of humor is just perfect!And so is she. She is AMAZING at sport even if she doesn't think so.
She is super HOTT and you will always regret not being friends with her because how soon you will realize that it was the biggest mistake of your life.. I lurrve you Pollsxx
Amy, Polly and Sasha are such good friends!!
by boohun January 26, 2014
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Polly is a very beautiful girl and quite quirky at times. She has an amazing personality and is easy to laugh with.

Perri also loves polly, so boys make sure to watch out for him.
by QuirkyDictionary101 August 09, 2020
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A really short girl who loves flowers. She loves the colors pink and yellow, and loves playing with dolls. She usually wears pigtails.
A: Did you see Polly?
B: Yeah, she's adorable!
by pseudonymousss June 19, 2018
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A girl that is the most beautiful person you know. She's stunning, gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, one of a kind, bubbly. You could write an essay on her! See more?
Who's that beautiful, young girl over there? Oh that's polly!
by See more? November 28, 2011
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A very wide penis or sometimes called, a chode.
He had a Polly and it got stuck.
by fafdsfasdfasgwrh3h May 19, 2014
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