To pollinate is to take the pollen from one flower to another so the pollen can fertilize the flower. The egg inside will grow into a seed, which will then grow. Bees, Butterflies and other insects pollinate-but mostly bees.
Oh look our tree has flowers it’s been pollinated
by Ok hun September 10, 2019
make love to, have sex, bone, or to transfer semen like a busy bee to a womans "flower." Used as a pun when describing a sexually active person who keeps busy like a bee pollinating "flowers". This refers to an action of love making especially for men who best fit the comparison of spreading their seeds like bees much like sex machines.
I swear if we don't stop him, he will pollinate every girl he meets until half of Manhattan's beauties have his baby
by Truedock October 9, 2013
A sex move (requires a minimum of 3 people), in which one man ejaculates and another man rubs the semen all over his penis and proceeds to have sexual intercourse with another woman.
Stacy, Dan, and Ted tried the Pollinator 2 months ago and now Stacy is pregnant, but she isn't sure who the father is.
by stockroom October 27, 2016
A wonderful ans powerfull woman who IS the main character. Definiltly.
by °SHREK° May 5, 2021
Italian-American slang for "penis." Most commonly used in Italian-American neighborhoods or where a large, dominant Italian culture is located. Can also be used to replace words such as "shit" or "crap."
Ow, you hit me right in the pollines! -or- You ain't got pollines, mister.
by Cocklover123456 June 20, 2011
1.) A woman who is ready to have sex with just about any decent male available on earth.
2.) A willing sperm recipient.
3.) A sweet, educated, sophisticated girl who doesn't mind having sex with you on her first date, as long as you are decent, clean and disease free.
by Shazz Spazz April 11, 2008