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a person who is professionally involved in politics , especially as a holder of or, a candidate for an elected office, that has absolutely no knowledge or skills as a statesman or stateswoman.
He's a polidiot.
by Roobac January 27, 2017
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a person that rarely ever thinks for himself when deciding support for a political candidate

someone who prefers to use fear, and bigotry to win elections
Jeff: Can you believe the chairman of the Lehigh County GOP thinks saying Obama's middle name is going to win the Republicans the election??????

Ron: Yeah - I'm a republican, but that strategy is reserved for polidiots!!!!!!!!!!
by ftc34 November 13, 2008
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Someone who blindly follows one political party or candidate while refusing to consider another view
I hate debating things with John as he has a one tracked mind, he is such a polidiot..
by badjokeKirby July 09, 2018
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