1736 slang term for midevil cock, mainly used by pesants and looked down upon by the upper class.
"I've never seen a pole shoot it that far sir Charles."
by Mark November 14, 2003
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Gil: you are just jealous cause you didn't win the soccer WC and now also not the handball WC.
Mr.B: you are bragging about being the champs by beating the poles?
by polsko February 06, 2007
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1. A game.
2. The word you yell when you are out and about on the town with your friends. The last person to yell it has to run to the nearest pole and use it like they are pole dancing.
Miki: "Pole!"
Amy: "Pole!"
Cindy: "Pole!"
Liz: "Damn! runs to the nearest stop sign and does a "pop up" like a stripper"
Everybody cheers
by ArtDirector March 28, 2010
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“Man i just poled the hell out of Britt yesterday”
“Man that must’ve been majestic as fuck

“It was”
by GingerWithASoul666 February 07, 2018
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Gay slang for a top who gets around and is only useful for his penis
I’m not looking for anything serious, just a pole.

That guy is a pole, he will fuck anything.
by goodasswine January 13, 2021
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1. A long poking device. Often used to poke sleeping people, usually waking them up, pissing them off and ultimatley poking an eye out.

2. Someone who is so thin they look like a pole. Often they can be used to poke people. Although this hurts the pole it is extremely funny to watch the victims reaction when they realise what they are being poked by.

3. A electric stick with which you poke sleeping Hobos and Bums and tell them to "get the hell outta here!"
1. A: Lets poke joe with this long poking device.
B: Ok, aim for his eyes.
A: K
Joe: Argh my eyes, GIVE THEM BACK.

Pole: I am thin, use me as a poking device
A: Haha, I will poke a sleeping bum.
Bum: Oof, Ouch. He's wearing sharp clothing!

3. Man: Move it bum-boy!
by Fearthepokingdevice February 26, 2005
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The word retards use when they don't know the difference between "poll" and "pole".

Originated somewhere on the internet, possibly Anandtech forums, probably not.
***POLE*** Which of these chicks is the hottest
a) My mom
b) The prostitute I hooked up with last week
by Lonyo January 13, 2005
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