n. Pole is used to define any inside joke (because the actual 'iside joke' word is too long. Pronounced "poleuh"
- Wtf did you just say?
- Its a Pole. You can't understand it.
by mihihipoleakaputnam May 21, 2011
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Penis On LEgs. Used when the words Dick Head are not enough.
Darren is a pole; A Pole, Tom Is. (yoda)
by bob ted April 03, 2005
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Another term for a redneck. Referencing how their family tree doesn't branch out.
That carhart jacket made him look like such a pole.
by The UweBolla Virus March 01, 2006
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pole is a word with multiple meanings. It can be out of reaction, emotion or anything else. Always written in lowercase, even if it starts a sentence.
"Yo dude i just won the lottery! Isnt that crazy?"

by Gustetas February 14, 2020
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The pole on which rise’s gf dances naked to amuse the boys for da stonks
Gay having affair with rise gf : yo babe ( rise gf ) whatcha doin?
Rise gf : I’m dancing naked on da poles .. wanna join me?
Rise: Enjoy
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