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A sex position that occurs when the females legs rest on the males shoulders and he leans over from on top of her, pushing her legs against her body, creating a shell over her body. The male continues to penetrate her.
"Me and Billy turtled last night; it felt so good!"

"When Billy turtles me it gets so deep"

"Hey Molly, what do you say we try the turtle tonight?"
by VickySue December 31, 2009

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To become "Pocky" or "Pockiness" occurs when an individuals hair is puffy and frizzy and does not look as if it has been maintained. Hair can become Pocky out of humidity or by leaving your hair in a natural state.
"You're hair is really pocky today, maybe you should straighten it!"

"It's starting to rain; cover your hair incase it starts to pock up"
by VickySue December 31, 2009

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