1. the storyline to a thing
2. Titties
Ex1: Morrowind has an amazing plot.
Ex2: I watch anime for the "plot".
by Lord_ Cocken_of_Dongshire September 16, 2019
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A plan or excursion that an individual or group plans to undertake. It can be synonymous with a party or large social event in some cases.
Person 1: Yo, whats the plot for tonight?

Person 2: Not sure yet bro, lets call up the homies and figure something out
by The Humor Sheep April 03, 2019
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Plot- (noun) a scheme or elaborate plan, usually with romantic intentions, crafted to lure or seduce an unsuspecting subject

(verb) to create such a scheme or be engaged in such an ongoing plan
"Girl I heard you been plotting about Jonathan, tryna create that six week plan?"
by thebigkumar November 28, 2016
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Something that Michael Bay tries to avoid at all cost. Even when confronted.
Screenwriter: Do you know of anyone interested in directing my screenplay?
Michael Bay: I could do it.
Screenwriter: Really? It will be a challenge. There are over fifteen characters with fleshed out backgrounds and over 10 different detailed settings in which the story takes place, not to mention the mutiple plot twists and character developments.
Michael Bay: Any explosions?
Screenwriter: Nope. None at all.
Michael Bay: *checks schedule* Yeah I just realized I'm busy on that date.
Screenwriter: But I didn.......
Michael Bay: O.K. bye!
*Michael Bay runs away*
by Baron6489 August 04, 2009
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Any part of a tv show or movie that isn't a hot chick.
"Why do you watch CW's beauty and the beast, is it for the plot?"

"Hell No, it's for all the hot chicks..."
by TriSurf77 December 04, 2012
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