Going for, asking for, or promoting something wanted.
I'm plimping for a new car for graduation.
He was plimping for an extension of time on the project deadline.
by Haiku_Bandit October 7, 2009
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one who is not considered cool by any means, but is in fact the largest loser in the history of mankind and should be shot
sup dude, you are a plimp

you just plimped all over your pants!

by Plimptastic October 2, 2003
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1. An Insult
2. A Description For Anything
1. Oh, you Plimp!
2. He's a Plimp
3. It's a plimp
by Anthony Luka Davenport November 9, 2021
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A man in a funny looking suit that still thinks his old-school ways compell people.

Generally they are found in highly urban areas; outside of local markets and preying upon homely women.

A plimp is a well dressed man, usually in an extravagent suit and a remarkable hat, who possesses little to no communication skills and (a gold tooth) or gold teeth.
Jessi said some plimp tried to recruit her walking out of the IGA!
by k0nflict June 5, 2009
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the act of limping to avoid the sides of your butt cheeks from touching after taking a spicy crap.
Man! after eating that spicy chicken sandwich, I plimped around for the next couple hours.
by plimp slapper August 10, 2011
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A Plimp Is A Playa Mixed With A Pimp
I Aint A Just A Playa Or Just A Pimp Im A PLIMP
by Skillz January 4, 2004
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