12 definitions by k0nflict

A man in a funny looking suit that still thinks his old-school ways compell people.

Generally they are found in highly urban areas; outside of local markets and preying upon homely women.

A plimp is a well dressed man, usually in an extravagent suit and a remarkable hat, who possesses little to no communication skills and (a gold tooth) or gold teeth.
Jessi said some plimp tried to recruit her walking out of the IGA!
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
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The ooey-gui is your personal physical graphical interface where as your senses are the process.

Much like the graphical user interface of a computer you interact with the world around you, in a physical sense, by your ooey-gui.
LOL did you see how poindexters ooey-gui just crashed?

Wtf are you talkin' about!?

He just puked on that chick and passed out!
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
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Kaleb is probably one of the gayest and

uncreative names i've ever seen. Usually

postulated by elitist parentals who think their

demon spawn is the shit.. when in reality the

dude is just a little turdabator who believes in

misandribation because his arrogance compells

dumb women to cumply to his disgusting and

putrid illwill; thus backing up the definiton of

many before him who somehow think that their

shit smells like freedom
Why do guys named Kaleb think they're so hot? Thier mommy is an alchy and their dad sucks cawck.. it's only a matter of kalebration
by k0nflict June 05, 2009
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A person who is known to be especially goofy.

Little to no athletic ability, agility or coordination.

Completely unsmooth.
I can't believe that gumpenstump is tryin' out for the team!
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
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Hey what's that snorg tees shirt mean? The one that says I love (and shows a lamp)?

Oh! haha. THe lamp means licking a mean pussy! haha
by k0nflict August 18, 2009
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The benefit of ranch sauce on otherwise distasteful foods.

It's quite amazing how ranch can complement the most repulsive elements of cuisine so subtly.
A: We had Possum ribs for breakfast!

B: that's completely disgusting!

A: lol yeah but we just dipped them in ranch. It was actually pretty good! Ranchaliscious!
by k0nflict June 05, 2009
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An informal or personal addition at the end of a letter or note written to a friend, acquaintance, or enemy.

Could also apply to a notation added to the end of scripting or coding in terms of a computer language or semantics.

Common known acronym is P.S.
(contents of note blah blah blah)
(name here)

P.S. (post script) I had a great time at dinner last night!
by k0nflict June 08, 2009
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