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Mexican slang word used in corridos. Plebe is a word us used as carnal and pariente . The word comes from Sinaloa ,Mexico . It it used to call a young man.
Que rollo plebe ?
Saca la kush plebe.
by don_fer_cartel October 27, 2013
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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One who is considered to be inferior.

Derrived from "plebian," the working class of ancient Rome.
Your unintelligable babbling has lead me to reguard you as a plebe.
by Kommander December 30, 2003
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a person junior to u ,not at the same rank as u are.(derogatory)
i won't summon him homie, he is a plebe to me.
by ADYAKA January 27, 2010
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the lowest of low, the fourth class, at the naval academy
The plebe stood at attention as he answered his rates.
by a plebers best friend October 18, 2003
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the lowest of the low at a military school. Squirrels running around on the parade field have more rights then a plebe. Plebes have such little rights that their not even worthy enough to suck the cream out of my twinky.
buddy one: jesus, that PLEBE over there is out of step again?? He seems like he's always fuckin' up!!
buddy two: Ya, I know. I heard his sargeant was going to smoke the shit out of him and his plebe brothers later, though.
by bigman matt March 01, 2009
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short for plebeian; derogatory, condescending, insulting. someone blue collar; working class; the common folk; the unwashed masses; the 99%.
slumming it with the plebes.

grievances of the plebes.
by monstruoverde September 24, 2015
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