Mexican slang word used in corridos. Plebe is a word us used as carnal and pariente . The word comes from Sinaloa ,Mexico . It it used to call a young man.
Que rollo plebe ?
Saca la kush plebe.
by don_fer_cartel October 27, 2013
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Mexican Slang Used mostly amongst Artists from the Corrido Genre. The Way Men Refer to a woman/girl. The way rappers refer to women as tricks, sluts, hoes, bitches.
Ya se ven iiegar Lass pLebees
Puuras mOrras atreviiDaz
nO les Gustaa tOmaar aguaa
bukanaas suu preFeriiDaa
ii en Loz mejOres Lugaress
laas veO gosandoo la viidaa
by El Emperador January 04, 2011
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One who is considered to be inferior.

Derrived from "plebian," the working class of ancient Rome.
Your unintelligable babbling has lead me to reguard you as a plebe.
by Kommander December 30, 2003
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a person junior to u ,not at the same rank as u are.(derogatory)
i won't summon him homie, he is a plebe to me.
by ADYAKA January 27, 2010
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the lowest of low, the fourth class, at the naval academy
The plebe stood at attention as he answered his rates.
by a plebers best friend October 18, 2003
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short for plebeian; derogatory, condescending, insulting. someone blue collar; working class; the common folk; the unwashed masses; the 99%.
slumming it with the plebes.

grievances of the plebes.
by monstruoverde September 24, 2015
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To overtly or covertly imprint upon an individual a feeling of absolute squallier, irrevocable poorness, and shameful realities of having no money, class, friends, or baller status. Being Plebed can happen one of two ways: (1) a friend or other person can pleb you by engaging in an action to lower you’re monetary and or class status. (2) The individual can knowingly or unknowingly pleb themselves by personally engaging in activities or actions that reduce their status in society.
Getting Plebed usually involves a certain degree of trickery or tomfoolery and will catch the target individual off guard.
Ross: Yo, Elliot just plebed himself by taking public transportation and paying the fare in dimes.

Leah: Haha, that's nothing I plebed OE today. When he asked for gum i gave him the empty package and then he was reduced to throwing away my garbage without the enjoyment of having any delicious wintergreen goodness.

Warning: You can be plebed by the credit card company or your bank if your card is rejected or maxed out.
by Ross & Leah Thompson August 17, 2007
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