Sexual acts between two people without explicitly saying what happened or denying the fact that anything happened.
"What happened with you and josh last night eyy?"
"Nothing..... just played played monopoly. Don't you worry"
by Djay big penis February 1, 2017
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Will and I were talking about playing Monopoly, and people around us gave us weird looks.
by thatnotoriouskat April 24, 2007
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Any sexual act that does not involve penetrative sex.
Yeah Chris, Josh and I were playing monopoly!
by Zoomboboy June 8, 2019
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A game that Dane Cook references in his Operation-playing Monopoly act that is totally true.
Dane Cook on Playing Monopoly
everybody had it. No one like
it, even if you thinked you liked the game you didn't.
And it's simple why, ok. Cause this is anyone
here 2 and a half hours into a game of Monopoly, ready?...
*Booush* "FUCK THIS GAME! It's 4 in the morning
grandma, YOU WIN! I'm sittin on Baltic with crap!
I'm paying luxury tax out the ass! And I hate when
your the banker, where did you get the pink 50's you
cheating whore! Don't fucking touch me grandpa, NANA
is a cheating whore! I should cut you head off with this
little doggy!"...
by i love swiss cheese January 28, 2007
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Having sex with a girl and or a guy and then having sex with his or her entire friend group later, this can be done all at once or it can be done at different times.
John: So did you have sex with Michala?
Me: Yeah and I’m planning to play monopoly
John: Hell yeah brotha
John: I’m currently playing monopoly with Ashley’s friend group
Me: How far are you?
John:Half way brotha, I’m currently working on Hannah
Me:Good work man I hope you get it
by Kingyoungdaggerdick September 5, 2018
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Messed up story on youtube, just look it up and listen for yourself.
I watched i just wanted to play monopoly and it was messed up.
by CreepyStuffFinder March 16, 2018
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