Plastic Cup: A cup made of plastic. It holds water and other beverages and items. It can be very harmful to the environment.

Plastic cups ruin the environment. They get thrown on the ground instead of trashcans. Don't waste plastic. Put it in the recycle bin. If you see plastic cups on the floor, go and put it in the nearest trashcan.

You will be saving our world by throwing away plastic cups.

Use reusable cups instead.
Person 1: Look at that plastic cup on the floor.
Person 2: Well it's not mine, I'm not picking it up.
Person 1: Never speak to me again.
*Person 1 picks up the plastic cup and throws it into a trashcan*
Person 1: You are a piece of garbage.
*Person 1 walks away*
Person 2: Oh, I just realized, I should pick up plastic and throw it away. It's good for the world.
by ifiwasasodaiwouldbelikedirt November 23, 2020
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A "cool party" in which faggots get together with their "friends" and partake in drinking alcohol (or fucking coors light) from plastic cups and take many pictures of themselves posing with the cups to then later upload to facebook to show everyone how fucking cool they are.
"YOOO bro! i was so wasted last night at matt's house... i mean you can clearly see from all the facebook pix!! i don't even remember it!"

"i guess that faggot was at a plastic cup party last night"
by Skate Jibbergoon Bitch August 6, 2009
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When one gets inebriated alone, with no intention of interacting with anyone or anything besides the vessels that once carried the consumed alcohol.
"I think John is becoming an alcoholic, every night is another one filled with plastic cup politics"
by ydassa January 27, 2009
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A person you meet at an event or bar who is cool to hang out with at the time but you never talk to or hang out with again. A throw away friend.
He was really cool at the bar last night, but he's definitely a plastic cup friend.
by tocathe1 May 25, 2014
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a party where alcohol is served (often from a keg) in red plastic cups, usually attended by college students
Jake is having a red plastic cup party while his parents are away.
by ccasey6 June 29, 2007
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1. a place where you consume alcohol at a party
Freddy: hey man, whats in that plastic red cup?

XuGu: oh, duh man, YOU KNOW, its alcohol.
by Chinese Jet Pilots July 29, 2005
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