A superior person. Come from the Plaka area of Athens, Greece where intellectuals and aristocrats reside.
With his intelligence, style, and wit he is a plakas.
by Armelius Rochean Dupree April 21, 2004
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Plakas: A greek school-boy who enjoys making "pwn" with other school-boy's and usually joins the Air Force at the age of 19.
"My name is Plakas, lets play some counter-strike, oh wait I must fix some planes."
by Chuck March 12, 2005
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A name given to a degenerate called Palak, by another degenerate called Shìz. Plaka is the sweetest and most adorable person in all the galaxies who can be a bitch sometimes :3
Plaka is someone who you would want to be friends with because she is so cute, sweet and adorable B)
by a low life February 19, 2021
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This word is used to describe something ugly/gross/weird, basically taking the place of Eww!This word is Victoria's favorite thing to say!
by MiKeYt143 June 18, 2004
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plaka mujes is an asset. 10th wonder of the world with a beautiful bumper. She is soo attractive and you might get blind of it. I hope she come back in my bed so we can discuss about the size of my cucumber.
Omg look on that bumper ! It’s plaka mujes!!
by stresistresinjo January 7, 2022
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