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Plainfield is a collection of thousands- comprised of idiots, colts fans and republicans that coalesce into a giant fucktard of a town. Plainfield garners revenues from its prized warehouse district, but fails to add anything substantive with the abundance of tax dollars. Plainfield maintains an army of senile senior citizens that slows its traffic, finances its walmart, and calls its police. Plainfields police are a lively bunch. Its members, a hodgepodge collection of the duchiest and most retarded hillbillies you can find, search endlessly for bored youth determined to vandalize every house in the town.
Audacious retarded from Plainfield, Indiana:Dude the colts are the best team in the league because they have Peyton Manning

Surprisingly intelligent hipster from Plainfield, Indiana: your logic astounds me, you give no reason for your excessively bold claim. I just dont know how to argue with you people. Everything you guys say is a retarded subjective statement
by Apathetic Hipster-Douche April 29, 2011
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