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Full of Negros
"Hey you want stop at this KFC?" ..
"No dude, that's plainfield"
by Argor April 01, 2004

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wh34t is an excessive form of l337. wh34t is equivalent to l337^100.
OMG! KyD is so wh34t! Everyone wants to be like him!
by Argor July 11, 2004

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The singular of the word feces.

Invented by myself because I could find no singular for feces.
That Debito fool is such a fecci!
by argor March 07, 2005

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The pedo yuri master of all things kiddie related. He is a master of kiddie pr0n. Oh he is teh Author of UPP as well...
-Where can I find some kiddie pr0n?
-Ask KyD!
by argor June 10, 2004

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