A quiet redneck town conveniently located between Sacramento and Tahoe, where "yee, yee" is a common phrase, trucks are covered in mud for fun, you see everyone you know at Walmart, and there is little to no diversity.
Placerville: that town you pass through to get to Tahoe
by Mmmkayy December 20, 2016
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Meth capital with skanky women and deadbeat men. A town where your hopes and dreams go to die.
by Wwhat February 12, 2018
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A white trash, dramatic gold rush town found smack dab in the middle between Tahoe and Sacramento. Also known as hang town.
Placerville-"Come on vacation leave on probation."
by ME B June 25, 2008
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A nice, quiet town that is like a haven compared to big cities. People are kind, helpful , and very humble. You can walk through town at night without feeling like you're going to get jumped at every corner.
I want to go back home to Placerville this Christmas; the city is too noisy and doesn't feel like home.
by Suzy Q 1998 December 12, 2016
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Also known as: Hangtown or P'ville
A small town in the Sierra Nevada Foothills known for Placer Mining during the California Gold Rush, Wheelbarrow Racing, the bars Poor Red's (where the Golden Cadillac was created) and the Hangman's Tree (where a mannequin hangs from a noose over Main Street), and having too many antique stores.
Also the hometown of locally hated hack painter Thomas Kinkade, whose bad art graces everything from "collectible" plates to Beanie Babies. His style is encompassed in the phrase "If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all."
"The Bell Tower on Main Street in Placerville, Ca is picturesque.

Or maybe just a driving hazard."
by Cocoabean October 18, 2008
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