A decal often seen on raised trucks that are usually mocked by people who see them.
“I was driving behind this dork with a ‘Locally Hateddecal obscuring his rear windshield.”
by S.S. September 22, 2018
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Locally hated is usually a decal that is on the vehicle of someone who races or has subs.
If you're subs are loud people tend to hate you, hence being called locally hated
by hj69 December 8, 2020
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An australian anti bikey gang based in Queensland, New-south whales and victoria with links in other states.

Mainly a prison gang with more then 70% of members incarcerated for charges like murder, and other serious offenses
Theres too many Locally Hated at maryborough keep your head low there.
by Red and Blue mc March 29, 2021
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