A type of shot with the Sniper in Gears of War.

The "Hangman" was created by a user on Xbox live under the name "II HANGMAN"

The Hangman is the act of getting a headshot on an opponent while they are in the action of climbing over a piece of cover.
Sometimes combined with a "Backpack"
BLaacKeN: Blindfire Hangman across the map?

trevasco: Nahh. You fail.

by BLaacKeN March 12, 2010
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A drink of incredible strength and lethality.
"Why do they call it hangman?"

"One drop and you're dead!"
by WobblyH February 19, 2013
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The sexual act between two men, where one man takes his flaccid penis and wraps it around the other man's erect penis in the fashion of a noose around a neck. The man with the noose then proceeds to pleasure the other deviant, and therefore becomes the hangman.

Also its like a favour for a straight guy to do for a gay guy after the gay guy saves his life.
They totally hangman eachother in prison.

Hey did you hear Jimmy actually hangman (ed) Steve last night.
by TheIncredibleFonz February 4, 2009
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A game in which one player chooses a word, animal, movie title, etc. The name of the 'secret phrase' is not given to other players, but one blank for each letter of the 'secret phrase' is. Spaces are shown, too. The other players have a certain amount of turns to guess what the phrase is, one letter at a time. When a letter that is not in the secret phrase is guessed, a body part (starting with the head, continuing with the body, two arms, and two legs) is drawn on a hangman's noose (I don't know what the stand is called, but the noose is where the head is paced). When the entire body is complete, the player who picked the secret phrase wins. If the phrase is guessed before all body parts are hung, the others win.
by Diggity Monkeez January 11, 2005
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to swing from the rafters of the family barn without regard for debt, sexual charges, or family matters. such swinging releases stress, allowing the self to be eternally free over a bed of roses.
Gary had a bad business week, so he decided to play hangman without telling his family.
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Hangman is a game where you guess a word by its letters. If you picked a letter that is in the word, that letter in the word will appear in its position. If not, a part of the man will be drawn. If the whole man is drawn, you lose. The goal is to guess the whole word without the whole man drawn.
XXXXXX sucks at hangman.
by command C December 16, 2018
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When your girl's hair finds it way into you boxers, wraps itself around you dick and balls and you go to pull it out thinking its just a random hair, but instead its trying to strangle the boys.
Hey Tommy have you ever had a hangman's noose?
Damn dude I almost hangman's noosed my boys. Thought I almost castrated myself.
by Rhonous July 23, 2018
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