The original name for Placerville California. Established in 1849 as a tent city for gold miners eager to find their fortune in the abundent placer deposits existing in the area at that time. There was a large California Black Oak in the center of town that served as a convenient location for lynchings when a quorum of miners decided that a person had committed a capital crime. The tree stump is presently underneath the floor boards of the Hangman's Tree Bar, which is notable for the frontier looking manequin hung by a noose above the establishment's sign.

After establishing a County Sheriff and incorporating as a town, it was renamed Placervile.
How about we cruise up to old Hangtown, cruise the gut, and have a beer at the "Tree".
by Jimmy1969 February 8, 2010
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Hangtown is the most beautiful place on earth. Hidden in northern california it is a historiical town with hard working men and beatiful women. It is a small prodominately christian town with beautiful forrest and charm. halfway between South Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, a scenic drive to sacramento or Reno. Hangtown is a much needed bright red spot on the unfortunately mainly blue california portion of the map. Hangtown is the last remaining piece of the california portion of the old west. Cracker friendly. if you would like to move there please don't. they prefer originals but welcome tourists..then the tourists have to leave.
there are no examples you just gotta see it...then leave hangtown
by ricky g May 9, 2013
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An unique omelette which became popular in 1850 during the California goldrush. This omelette is made by combining eggs bacon and oysters (smoked or otherwise) cheese can be added as a variation of this dish.
by 4realazitgits March 28, 2021
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