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a.k.a. A "Serj" Breakfast

Where, after a long night of heavy drinking, one decides to take a shot, pint, chug etc ... of Vodka.

- Not to be confused with the sex act.
- Not a good cure for a hangover.
- Will not make the damage to your house the night before go away.
Hangover Patient 1 -
"Wow, I dont remember last night .. OH GOD, MY HEAD!!!"

Hangover Patient 2 -
"Dude, he is downing Vodka first thing in the morning??!"

Hangover Patient 1 -

"... Russian Breakfast ... Brave"
by RyRy28 May 09, 2010
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A social life that spans to Sunday as well as the rest of the week.

Sunday is the most boring day with the least amount of things to do, therefore, if you are doing ANYTHING on a sunday other than being bored, then you have a Sunday Social Life.

If you have one, then you are cool, obviously.
"Damnit! its soo boring ... I'm in desparate need of a Sunday Social Life! ....... "
by RyRy28 May 09, 2010
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A phenomenon that can only be put down to self trickery.
When you go out one night and decide not to drink, everyone else around you is drinking or already drunk to the point of obliteration. You go about your night sobre, maybe get caught up in the present drunken vibe, retire late / early morning - with everybody else.
You wake up at an un-godly hour of the day due to the late night - BUT, you feel shittier than times when you've been unrealistically drunk.

It is clear that the brain is either so used to dealing with excessive alcohol - blood ratio on a saturday night, it brings you down the next day regardless, OR you are such a lightweight, that just being around alcohol is enough to bring on a hangover.

Personal experience shows the latter observation to be false.
Dude 1: Dude, I feel WORSE today than most hangovers .. W..T..F!?! I was sobre all night!

Dude 2: Placebo Hangover dude *shakes head* .. my condolences
by RyRy28 September 15, 2011
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A way of pardoning one's self immediately after a loud belch.

This particular use of (or lack of ) manners may be frowned upon by older generations or the elderly, however, some may see the funny side to it.

This phrase is apparently coined in an episode of Family Guy as a way of asserting dominance through flatulence ... but ... it WILL catch on.

*peopple stare in awe and disgust*

Me: " .... Says The King! .... give it time, it'll catch on"
by RyRy28 September 15, 2011
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When one tries to explain to a group of freinds that if 5 of them cannot repel one rapist (but using the disasterous words "beat off" one rapist) in a dark alley at night, they become notoriouslt known as a Rapist Hunter - only in the sense that one wants to pleasure them instead of kill.

Becomes funnier on one's own part when one plays along ...
Idiot: "Guys, if five of us can't beat off one rapist..."

Funny Guy: "HAHAHA, "beat off" .. Rapists beware! ... you Rapist Hunter"

Other Guy: " Hey, that dude is a rapist" *points*

Idiot: "Soooo ... you're a rapist are you!?!" *evil grin + rubs hands together as if up to no good*

... unexpected comedy.
by RyRy28 September 15, 2011
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