Probably one of the worst jobs ever, and one of the lowest paid. If you don't know the Delivery area by heart, or have a GPS in your car, you'll constantly get lost. Especially at night. Customers get pissed if you're late, sometimes people don't answer the door, and you'll never get good tips. It's a job you won't make any profit from. Most Pizza Delivery drivers have to use their own cars, and pay for their own gas. So whatever tips you do get, you'll end up spending them on gas. Washing dishes is another responsibility for drivers too, while they are waiting for their next delivery. Avoid this type of work for the sake of your own sanity.
Mark the Pizza Delivery driver makes 6 bucks an hour, and got lost on his way to some house in the middle of nowhere. But when he found it an hour later the people didn't even answer the door.
by Metalhead83 December 1, 2011
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one where the deliver-er picks up L.Carrrrrr and the drive far away and the driver recieves a little somethin somethin over the male gentalia area from L.Carrrrr resulting in satisfaction.
Lykeeee do you want to make a pizza delivery? Like bitch get in my carrr.
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Noun: When one orders a pizza for delivery and is told that it will take 35-40 minutes, however, the pizza delivery person shows up 15 minutes later. This quick delivery usually catches customers by surprise.
Man, I ordered some pizza last night and they told me it was going to be a while. So I decided to have myself some me-time before it got there. I was just getting started when the doorbell rang. Fucking pizza was guy was there in like 12 minutes. That was a serious ninja pizza delivery!
by grisslebone May 23, 2011
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A special pizza delivery is when a man goes over to a womans house to have sex with her. But just incase her husband is home he dresses up as a pizza delivery boy so that he can pretend that it is just a pizza order.

There is also another type where the same thing happens but instead of trying to get away with it, he try's to start a threesome with the married couple and then have pizza after.
"...OK, I'm coming over. Should I wear my Special Pizza Delivery outfit, just incase your husband comes back from his sycrinised swimming class?"
by Pizza Man 26 April 25, 2013
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You can't ever forget the delivery guy ®️
Pizza delivery guy
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 10, 2019
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An event that occurs bi-monthly by a drunk-as-fuck horny male. The male must have been recently watching porn and/or consuming dozens of 12 oz keystone lights. The male (who also happens to have a feces fetish) cuts a hole into the bottom of a pizza box and places his dick through it. He then walks over to the neighboring dorms and breaks into his friends room and flaps open the pizza box to expose his wang. Most often the friends will laugh and ridicule him...however he is also susceptible to getting a baseball bat pulled on him for obvious reasons. This obese individual will also commonly begin to masturbate while in the middle of his pizza delivery.
Jorge: Damn bro I'm thinking about boozin tonight!

Max: What a surprise!

Jorge: I know bro I have a problem but I'm just feel like completing 3 consecutive power hours.

Max: Rumor has it that you will be completing a pizza delivery (slu style) that true?

Jorge: YOU KNOW WHAT! That's a fantastic going to lube up beforehand so that when I get to the neighboring dorms I can bust a quick load!
by SLUStreetRunner July 18, 2011
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