Someone who posts on Facebook just to receive Likes
John posted another picture of his cat, what a like bitch!
by Totya July 27, 2015
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When it smells like bitch it's most likely the white girl with white af1 on and always is on her phone but is such a teachers pet that she doesn't get in trouble. When it smells like a bitch it can also be in your school hallway when the white girls and the supposedly cool kids standing there doing nothing but talking about how they got fucked in the ass yesterday by their black step dad.
Smells like bitch in the hallways today
by My Kahoot name Ben Dover January 16, 2020
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Ultimate versatile similie that can be used for everything, mainly to do with the body though. Means extremely. Probably stems from the term bitchin'
German lessons drag like a bitch.

This curry's moreish like a bitch.

I was farting like a bitch at school today.

My sphincter stings like a bitch after that powershit I had after the curry.

I've been sitting on my arse too long, it aches like a bitch.

Jeff Beck can play guitar like a bitch.

I'm sweating like a bitch.

My MP3 player's dead like a bitch.

by Paracetamol 500mg September 30, 2006
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To get completely destroyed by the underdog. A higher level of being pwned
Hey did you see Fred racing Bob, the captain of the cross country team?

Yeah man, Bob got smoked like a bitch
by YelloDragon January 12, 2012
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To remove yourself from a bad situation in as quick a way as possible,mowing down anyone or anything in your way.
1.Oh shit it's the cops dude,run like a bitch!!!!

2.Guy 1:Is that a fucking zombie?
Guy 2:Run like a bitch!!!
by KillerKoolAid February 23, 2008
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To run extremely fast from somewhere once frightened.
Ghost: Boo.

Person One: Shit! A ghost!

Person Two: It has a gun! Leg it like a bitch!
by MistakeMeForASucker June 10, 2009
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