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Partyboying is when a group of people find someone on their own, they go over to them so they are standing right up against the person and start dancing overly enthusiastically. Having pounding dance music is desired but not essential.

The partyboying stops when the victim gets annoyed or after a few moments of dancing after they have joined in.
I was just sitting in the changing room getting changed when all these guys started partyboying me. So annoying.
by Pizza Man 26 November 3, 2019
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Pikey Scrin is someone who is an idiot and a penis head, who is a tramp who carries a tear drop trailer and sleeps in his dirty mattress which is also the litter tray/sunbathing area for the family. They feed on stolen goods from their own family. their pack contains of 50 + members. all of their goods are kept in the tear drop trailer. the trailer is towed by the youngest family member, this is the tradition followed by pikey scrin over the world.
'gilly is such a pikey scrin'
'my cousin is thinking of turning into a pikey scrin'
'word has it that their educational system exceeds above standards'
by Pizza Man 26 March 13, 2013
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Some who is: Office Hot, is a women, usually in the workplace like an office. She gains a few extra points out of 10 in her hotness rating, this is because she does not have much competition from other women in the office when judging her attractiveness.
Any hot women where you work? Or are they just office hot?

I had a wank over this girl in work. I've just seen her down the supermarket and I now feel disgusted with myself.
by Pizza Man 26 April 6, 2018
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Babe Couples are people in relationships who when talking to each other use the word: ‘Babe’ in every single sentence.

Most couples use ‘babe’ in every sentence when they first get together (to let every man and his dog know that they are together) but after a while this wears off. There are many couples who do it throughout their relationships. These relationships can go on for years, this is extremely irritating for friends of theirs who are single.

There are also many couples who call each other various variations of babe, such as: bae, baby, bun. This is not as annoying as babe but still reminds the single friends of theirs how depressingly single they are.
The following is a typical conversation that Babe Couples have:

Boy: Hey babe can you pass me that condom?

*she passes over the condom*

Girl: There you are babe.

Boy: Thanks Babe

Girl: You’re welcome babe

Single person in the room: (to themselves) for fuck sake
by Pizza Man 26 December 25, 2019
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A special pizza delivery is when a man goes over to a womans house to have sex with her. But just incase her husband is home he dresses up as a pizza delivery boy so that he can pretend that it is just a pizza order.

There is also another type where the same thing happens but instead of trying to get away with it, he try's to start a threesome with the married couple and then have pizza after.
"...OK, I'm coming over. Should I wear my Special Pizza Delivery outfit, just incase your husband comes back from his sycrinised swimming class?"
by Pizza Man 26 April 25, 2013
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A Tia Wanna Toilet Cracker is when someone is having a dump in a public toilet cubicle, and another person throws a small firework into the cubicle and then runs out.
"I'm not talking to Timmy anymore he just Tia Wanna Toilet Crackered me, my thighs are red raw from the burning"
by Pizza Man 26 April 19, 2013
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