Any person who is constantly pissing you/others off or doing things to piss people off.
Wow that guy is such a piss off!

My ex is a piss off.
by Mz_Katie June 18, 2009
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A race and timed event to see who can piss the longest after drinking a six pack of old milwakee while holding a glass of ice water thoughout the entire duration.
by Koola User September 04, 2003
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Something that pisses you off
"what a piss off!"
"that was a real piss off!"
by Kranky November 26, 2006
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A rude way to tell someone go away or leave them alone used especially in Australia.
Jimmy: Hello Logan ! I'm calling you with Graffiti Removal just wondering ,if you would consider getting rid off fuck symbol on the wall of your home made by my son the other day?
Logan:Piss off, mate .
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by Barbara Vine November 11, 2019
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