Holding cells were called "bullpens" because police officers were at the time called bulls. Bullpens are still the name inmates call holding cells. You are held in the bullpen at county jail until the bus takes you to court. At court you are held in another bullpen until you are called in front of the judge. Then you are escorted back to the bullpen and are held there until all the inmates are called in front of the judge. Then everyone is escorted back to the bus and sent back to county jail where you sit in another bullpen until you are escorted back to your housing unit.
Damn I sat in the bullpen for 8 hours today before I was called in front of the judge!
by ronmetrx1 July 2, 2011
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1. In baseball, the bullpen (sometimes referred to as just "the pen") is the area where relief pitchers warm-up before entering a game. Depending on the ballpark, it may be situated in foul territory along the baselines or just beyond the outfield fence.

2. It also refers to an office workspace populated with desks but no separating cubicles or walls.
1. Goose Gossage warmed up before the 7th inning and then went into the game to trounce whoever his team at the time (White Sox, Yankees, Padres or Mariners) happened to be playing.

2. Finch from Just Shoot Me works at the periphery of the bullpen, right outside his boss's door.
by 5150pacer January 9, 2008
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in dating, this is a lineup of associates who specialize in your tastes. as in baseball the manager needs a starting pitcher, middle reliever and a closer. in dating, some people various have fetishes and tastes. a bullpen satisfies an individual's various sexual needs. a bullpen is also a good way to keep a man from becoming pussywhipped.
tom leykis tells all his sons avoid girlfriends and instead to keep a bullpen. he's a smart guy who knows everything men need to know in order to get laid.

Tom: Sometimes I'm a chubby chaser, sometimes I like asians, and sometimes I like MILFs. My bullpen has these types along with the hotties.
by Chris Norton February 6, 2009
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A bullpen is a rotation of women started by Grant Sisk. The basics of the pullpen consist of the alpha female (#1) in the rotation, two supporting aces (#2 & #3) and two relievers (#4 & #5). The alpha female is the go to at all times, but if she isn't available, the skipper will move down the totem pole.

Hey, who all is in the bullpen now?
by oneguytrain May 17, 2016
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Although properly penning has to do with the rodeo, this is u.d....it's what us women do when we are trying to catch a guy aggressively.
Man kelly is really bullpenning that hoy guy, I bet she's trying to get at least an 8 second ride outta him...maybe a commitment!
by dossparrows June 12, 2014
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A practice that involves transporting prisoners back and forth needlessly from jail to jail or precinct to precinct. Named so because the cell looks like a bullpen, symbolically representing the fenced in area of a "bull's pen", where bulls wait before being sent off to the slaughter.
"Going from central booking in Downtown Brooklyn to Rikers Island is bullshit bullpen therapy!"
by SomeOneNYCz February 20, 2010
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A carefully selected grouping of women that a man is dating on a semi regular, rotation basis where no real commitment is delivered on his part to anyone of them......and where each woman in the bullpen is tagged with a designation....such as "the Ace".. She gets the nod to attend family gatherings or the "Middle Reliever".... The one that can be called most anytime and is available...and finally the "Closer".... The late night (I'll be over in a minute) call response.
Gerry’s hasn’t been with the same girl twice in a row since I explained to him the benefits of building and correctly managing the bullpen rotation.
by King Dolphin December 3, 2011
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