In sports, whether it be baseball/football/hockey what have you, when someone crushes a homer, launches a 60 yard touchdown pass or nets a goal from the blue line on a one timer. Anything that gets an absolute fucking SEND in sports.
“Billy is fighting a 1-2 count right now, the pitcher delivers, AND BILLY HITS AN ABSOLUTE PISS MISSILE TO CENTER FIELD THAT BABY IS LONG GONE!!!!!”
by @99fordwindstar August 10, 2018
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Noun: a piss missile is a term most commonly used in baseball, referring to when a hitter absolutely shits on a pitch and lines the ball for a single, double, or even a triple.
Holy shit! Their three hole guy just hit a piss missile off his fastball
by SuperLMH July 21, 2020
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A blonde fag boy who goes to school with a bunch of faggots. Plays fortnite 24/7/365. If you insult him he will make big funny threats like disembowl you. Has tretchy arms that can extend across the country. Is an unlicensed meme thief. nigger word.
Nudging 1:Hey look at that Piss Missile lets go beat the shit out of him and steal his Mountain Dew and sand which

Minecraft creeper aka Muslim: hell yeah niggie man lets go suicide bomb this blonde boi.
by peter tale from underfort show October 08, 2018
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Pissing while sporting a raging hard on. This is usually a very messy situation.
Bongo: " Yo - Jimmy boy... where you goin' with the bucket?"

Jimmy: " Dude - I woke up with this morning with serious wood and I accidentally set off a piss missile in the bathroom. You might want to stand clear for a while cos' the batter is still at the plate."
by Toby Gruntnzler October 15, 2014
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When you urinate a kidney stone directly into your lover anus during the act of a piss Emema.
Me and old lady were weird and I gave her the old Pennsylvania piss missile and all the worlds problems disappeared.
by Cuckmeat9000 August 09, 2021
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