As a pisces we are very emotional but we tend to try and hide it. We get very angry sometimes. We have off days. We worry about everybody else's problems and tend to not worry about our own problems. We will snap on you if you say something rude or sassy. And we care about people who aren't mean to us. We can also hold a long grudge. Btw I'm a pisces
by That one pisces October 23, 2019
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We are nice and caring asf until fucked with. Let me just say that you’ll wish you would’ve known who you’re fucking with. Since we keep in all our anger and emotions in we’ll pretty much release it alllll on you
Wow what a nice,caring,creative,loyal, bitchy Pisces
by whatever28 October 28, 2019
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A Pisces can go from being emotional to being your worst nightmare. Pisces is nice to everyone around them until fucked with. If you fuck with a Pisces they’ll literally make life horrible for you. They know how to fight and guilt trip you. Pisces are usually freaks around their friends and very confident . When Pisces gets in an argument they won’t hesitate to go off on you. Don’t let the cute act fool you, Pisces are multi talented and can feel another person’s emotions deeply . I wouldn’t say a Pisces is all talk but best believe they flex a lotttt . Pisces hates seeing other’s in a relationship because they want to be in one, they are goofy asf too. OPINIONATED AS HELL!! They won’t hesitate to tell you they don’t agree with you. A Pisces is manipulative and if you try to talk to them and they aren’t interested or starts to talk to another friend take a hint. Pisces sometimes is aggressive and I see this in a lot of Pisces that when they try to talk to people they come out as defensive . Criticism will get you the defensive personality . Pisces aren’t bitches at all they just want you to understand them , Pisces is often blamed for something they haven’t done and has been taken advantage of so cut them some slack.
“ isn’t that the girl who gave her opinion and started an argument ?? “

“ oh yeahhhh that her . She really did some damage the kid was in his feelings ! “

“ what’s her zodiac ? “

“ she’s a Pisces . “

“ understood . “
by BarbieBawdy January 18, 2020
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Pisces have the best argument for being the best sign. There have equal amounts of every sign. They do dream a little more so who doesnt dream. The fact they're so laid back they have the world under their bottom. They are a message in a bottle we need to all open. When all alone they are scheming on a come back. Nothing is a set back to a pisces.
Johnny was a picses he cared even when he himself had no cash. Being a pisces played a major role.
by Persian 06 villa September 5, 2018
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The most emotional, yet reasonable of all 12 zodiac signs. Pisces have some of the most abstract and spiritual dreams which greatly reflects on their unique personalities and makes them stand out from the rest of the signs. However they can be easily misled, weak willed and escapist. They live idealistically but can be very hopeful and faithful. Their emotions play an major role on their decision making, which is usually why things only get worse when Pisces are going through tough times. However do not be fooled by their weaknesses for they are excessively intuitive and observant. A smart Pisces can catch a liar in a heartbeat, which makes them great detectives and lawyers. Their emotions are the most valuable to them and they will do what ever it takes to avoid emotional pain. Just like porcupines have needles to protect them from being eaten, Pisces has a heightened sense for catching a liar or fake before you can hurt their feelings or lead them on. If you are in love with a Pisces you will have to stay faithful and remain caring, in return they will do the same. Hook up with someone else while your with them and they will drastically lose interest, especially if its sexual. This is because you distorted their dream of a "perfect place" with your carelessness, and this dream is now a nightmare. Treat them right and they will love you deeply, they will always make sure your living healthy and happy, and will always come to you for their emotional and physical needs.
A Pisces is probably the last person to yell at someone, and probably the only person out of all 12 signs that actually cares that your having a bad day. however, this kindness is equally in war with their negatives such as self-escapism and self-pity. Hence why they are represented by two fish, one swimming upwards and the other swimming down. Most Pisces are more concerned about the problems of others then with their own, which is what makes them so unique yet self destructive
by palidamn February 16, 2010
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Pisces are very emotional there is no one to say we aren’t be thing is we never show that we are hurting on the inside. This is because we feel like we have to stay strong for other people. So we just put are problems into a corner and ignore them and deal with everyone else's. Another thing is Pisces might seem all nice and they are but if you piss them of you have got to be prepared to run. We don’t like to be messed with and if you do fuck with a pisces then I wish you luck!!!!!
“Run bitch run you just pissed her off!’ Says my best friend to someone who has annoyed me!

Please just don’t mess with a Pisces!
by I know everything lol January 15, 2020
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Basically A Pisces tend to live in their own bubble which tends to make them chill af they generally go with the flow just like water they are deep thinkers and think out of the box these social signs tend to be Creative in some way they care about everyone and will try to make sure that everyone is happy and feeling good they usually sense when something is wrong with their intuition this although makes them great friends it can make them a nightmare of an enemy as they can always tell what will make you break although Pisces are usually kind gentle signs if you piss them off enough they can destroy you in one blow, they can sometimes cry oceans whilst angry and will make you wish you'd not said anything we can and will destroy everything you love but even with so much hatred a Pisces will always forgive and Forget eventually Pisces tend to be funny yet introverted they are the first to get drunk and they are always the ones that you have a deep conversation with because they are so understanding and not judgemental although they can be very fake towards you if you hurt them in the past they tend to hold grudges they over think and although you make us out to be emotional we aren't we are usually happy or angry and we try our hardest not to cry we hate liars which is why a gemini and a Pisces don't usually tend to get along
Stacey can be nice but I heard that she can also be the end of a life.
Yes that would be because Stacey is a Pisces and is ready to hunt you down for speaking about her so good luck
by GingerNinja2402♓ October 15, 2019
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