a person who immerses themselves in alternative reality; habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine.
Food, sleep, sex, music, sports, video games, drugs etc. can all be forms of escapism employed by the escapist
by YoungEscapist March 9, 2012
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An escape artist. Someone who escapes either a bad situation quite easily, Or a person who breaks out of jail alot.
1)The man has broken out of so many prisons he is now known as an escapist.

2)The woman has a tendency to get out of arguements quite easily. Her husband now calls her an escapist.
by Kriztyn December 3, 2006
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1) To repeatedly and vigorously cram something down another person's throat

2) To disproportionately value the opinions of idiots with no talent
1) I used to like that new song, but the radio's Escapistized it.

2) I used to enjoy going to that website, but they Escapistized a bunch of trolls and now I can't stand about half their articles.
by CaiusCaligula January 21, 2011
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An awesome gaming website that no one went on until they started showing Zero Punctuation. Most people only go on Wednesdays for Zero Punctuation, which is a shame because they have lots of other awesome shows like Unskippable and There Will Be Brawl.
Guy: Dude, lets go watch Zero Punctuation on The Escapist!
Brush: Sweet, then lets watch Unforgotten Realms!
Guy: What?
by TGBA October 26, 2009
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An ending in the Henry Stickmin game Escaping the Prison where you sneak out through the rooftop undetected.
A: Sneaky Escapist has epic music
B: Yeah
by I like Tomatoes January 22, 2021
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Someone who routinely goes off-line on Facebook messenger just as you are about to contact them, or if you have even typed in the text box and are about to hit send
John: I tried to message Will the other night, and just as I started typing in "what's up?" he went offline.

Max: Yeah he always gets away at the last second, he's such a Facebook Escapist
by Laxman33 March 2, 2012
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A game nobody has heard of about escaping prisons made by the developers of golf with your friends,
Jimmy 1: Do you want to play the escapists 2?
Jimmy 73: The Fuck Is A the escapists?
by Random Person On UD December 20, 2021
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