This is this word that you accidently type while trying to type porn
Damn it dude i accidentally typed pirn in my laptop
by Fuckgoof mcgee September 15, 2016
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Common misspelling of the word porn. You're probably here because you were looking up porn too fast and saw the urban dictionary defininition and got curious
*typing* "hardcore pirn"
*out loud* shit
by Sum fuckin hic July 28, 2018
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What you type really fast in your browser when you misspell porn.
Todd was very horny and he misspelt ‘porn’, now he’s on urban dictionary looking at pirn.
by Littleford89 March 5, 2019
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You tried to spell porn but bow your horny looking at this
Google: porn again?
Me: pirn!
Google: I've never met this man in my life.
by I'm still Worthy June 3, 2019
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Some wooden stick thing you see when you accidentally type "Prin" instead of "Porn".
"Pirn Hub"
by NOT Ilyes December 20, 2019
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porn but in a holy way, without saying the WORD, also misspelled.
dude1- ay dude, u watch pirn?
dude2- no I watch PORN
dude1- same thing dude, but pirn is more better
dude2- whats it abt?
dude1- church.
by angelina#5724 (discord) May 26, 2020
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the male genetalia more commonly known as the penis or brent
that's the smallest pirn ever
by coco the monkey March 25, 2004
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