A term used to describe WWE's, (World Wrestling Entertainment), very own Superstar, CM Punk, and his epic mic skills.
(Hey, somebody better call yo' momma, CM Punk just dropped a major Pipe Bomb!)
by WWE Forums January 24, 2012
Snape: What IS that mysterious ticking noise? *checks room* Not over here, not over there. ... Kinda... catchy.


Ron: I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb!
Everyone: YAYYYY!


Voldemort: *creepy* Muuuawahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.
by Xandra Ben December 9, 2009
Punching or kicking a man's genitals with the entire force of your body, usually after knocking them over.
After the chad slapped his girlfriend's ass, Anon pushed him over and hit him with a pipe bomb.
by RealityStrategist November 17, 2018
(noun) An act in which a male, while engaged in vaginal intercourse, ejaculates without withdrawing his member, especially without the expressed permission of the female.
Tiffany definitely didn't see it coming when I laid that pipe bomb in her last night.
by Falkvord July 30, 2018
A explosive used by armature anarchists, usually as a diversion or offensive attack. made by filling a 3/4 inch by 6 inch pipe with gun powder and tightly securing both caps on the ends. then a fire cracker fuse is inserted into a 1/16 inch hole in the side of the pipe(this has to be driled before
gun powder is inserted.)and secured with melted candle wax.
LOUD AS HELL can also cause plenty of shrapnel and makes awesome craters in earth sand etc.
that pipe bomb almost hilled me man!!

by dennis.l September 18, 2007
An adultarated ecstacy pill filled with piperazines.
Those blue transformers were pipe bombs, i felt like shit for like 2 days afterwards. Lets go find that dealer and beat the shit out of him.
by NickWut June 24, 2010