To have to end the defecating process abruptly or in a hurry. Usually this phrase is yelled by someone who is also in need to use the bathroom.
Person who needs to use the bathroom: "Hey, pinch it off already!"
Person on the toilet: "Alright, alright!"
by Canned Coolwhip October 22, 2010
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1. To quickly squeeze out a shit
2. To pinch off the end of a rather large shit in order to be done quicker.
Jerry had to pinch one off as the game started in ten minutes.
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
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v. having a bowel movement, the act of pinching off a turd
After chugging his cup of morning coffee, Teddy had to pinch one off.
by Money Mark August 22, 2006
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1. The elimination of fecal waste through one's anus.

2. The art of expelling feces from one's anus in a manner that exceeds the definition of "pooping" or "crapping".
1. I was just in the bathroom pinching one off

2. Oh God how I love shitting!

by Purno November 5, 2007
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>> 1. The act of contracting one's anal sphincter to cut a log of feces off in mid-defecation.

>> 2. Forcefully preventing ejaculation by squeezing the shaft of the penis.

Man did you see the deuce he dropped? You can even tell where he pinched off.

Pinching off prevented a rather sticky coffee-break facial.
by Ryzarh November 9, 2006
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When you are taking a shit and the shit is dangling of your asshole and you squeeze your ass muscles to get the shit outta your asshole
Man i really had to Pinch Off that shit
by M2Jizzle January 4, 2009
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"Excuse me sir, where can I find the nearest pinch 'un off. I really need to pinch one off"
by David See December 5, 2004
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