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1. A female pimp. In terms as being a 'player'. Knows the game so well.

2. Above Pimpaliciousness jR.

3. Ayanna's bestfriend. Taught SOME things about the game, which catches on quickly.
No one likes to know there is a pimpaliciousness around.
by Pimpaliciousness Sr. November 28, 2010
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1. The only word that can be used to describe something so unbelievably amazing that it's beyond words.

2. A word used to describe anyone, anything or any act in the fondest of ways. Could be used in any grammatical sense without altering the word.

1. "You are so pimpaliciousness"
2. "I did that so pimpaliciousness"
3. "I got some major pimpaliciousness last night"
by Da-Daveness November 04, 2007
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