something so amazingly great, it would make a pimp smile.
dude! that ho is pimpalicious! she would make her pimp proud!
by Big Fat J February 1, 2003
If something is pimpalicious it is also pimptastic and pimp-happening. In the kind of way that a milkshake would bring a boy to the yard, a pimptastic person or something that is pimptastic, would have a similar ability, however on a variety of spectrums.
Even though Mia thought her song was pimpalicious, the only pimpalicious thing about her was the way she did the samba!
by Juice Meister. August 6, 2008
Somebody who just gives off pimp vibes...or who dresses/acts like a pimp
by RatchetBoo July 26, 2003
something so caked up like something a mac daddy would have you have to say DAMN!!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
the feeling u get after u have been drunk many times over the weekend, becuz every1 knows what u've been doin.
that's 6 girls @ a time,-pimpalicious.
by Big Rich Mullis May 26, 2003
Pharoahpimp is pimpalicious
by pharoahpimp April 4, 2004