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A term used to describe massive modification of something to make it standout and look attractive.
The term is derived from the way pimps modify their cars with various colors, lights and other hardware.
Drummer to Pianist: "Damn, your keyboard is totally pimped out! What's all that LED lights and glowing buttons!"

Geek: "I've pimped my computer out - Now it has a transparent side and florescent lamps inside it."

Some Guy: "I'm gonna pimp out my cellular phone by covering it with a 3D skinned panel."
by Injured Ninja December 05, 2007
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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To modify a car to make it look sweet ass. Also can be used in the same concept as riced out.
You're ride is pimped out to the hilt, holmes!
by jerkoff April 18, 2005
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Is a reference about having to much energy and wanting to work hard and present it.
- Babe. What do you think about watching a movie?
- No thanks! im to pimpout!


Mike came home yesterday, he was so pimpout that we finish the project two days early!
by The Dr. Zeuz April 22, 2020
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