LED lights are what all the famous tiktokers have. Now if you had LED lights before tiktok then your an og butttttttt if you got them after you saw everyone with them your honestly just trying to fit in. They are actually really cool color changing lights so you can make a certain area blue, red, green and many more colors. ( I REALLY recommend korjo dream lights there expensive but 100% worth it to buy) (there on Amazon for I think $50 so ya)
Girl1: do you have LED lights?

Girl2: no but I'm gonna get some soon

Girl1: oh... *mumbles the word* (loser)

Girl2: what did you say!?!?

Girl1: oh nothing nevermind
by DATHOEEE December 23, 2019
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When someone has red led lights that means that they are in a sexual mood
“ I walked in and saw the red led lights on. I insta rly knew what that meant”
by Genius yktv March 26, 2020
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red led lights are a sigh of someone that is h0rny/ sexual mood
“i facetimed my boyfriend and he had his red led lights on, i knew i had to come over
by guavas130456 January 29, 2021
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When someone uses the Red color on their LEDs they’re definitely horny or lonely. No in between
“His Red LED Lights are on. I bet he’s horny or missing his s/o
by RaggedyNonbinary February 12, 2022
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When you meet a person that is either super sad or super down to earth you would describe them as “you’re that one blue LED lights person”
Friend: “how would you describe me?”

You/other person: “you’re that one blue LED lights friend always so down to do anything and chill
by 1Dclown January 12, 2021
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