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Money. Pillsbury makes products necessary for making dough, and dough is another term for money. Hence, Pillsbury.
Daddy, why are you going to work?

Gotta make that pillsbury, son.
by grantaclause July 31, 2006

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a euphamism for taking a girl from behind; doggystyle
"...then I went forty-five on the dingo and was so aggressive she dislocated her shoulder. Didn't even get to finish."

by grantaclause December 22, 2005

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acronym for Itchy Balls.
"dude, i got a case of the ib's, son."
"i told you not to sleep with shelia. she gave you crabs."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007

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keeping one's cool in the most trying of times. Etymology: cap'n crunch, the cereal which stays crunchy in milk; it keeps shit mad real. hence, when an individual does not life to get the best of him/her, that person is staying crunchy.
"how you doin today?"
"stayin' crunchy."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007

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