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Sam Harris, also known as “The Pig Man” is the sad story of a boy age 17 that went missing in the hills Of Northfield Vermont in 1951. The night before Halloween October 30, 1951 Sam set out with eggs in hand for what he called Picket night, a night of mischief. The next morning when his parents awoke and found him missing, this set off a huge search party that lasted weeks and involved hundreds of locals over hundreds of square miles. Although never found it is said there has been sighting of Sam who some say became possessed by the devil himself that fateful night. Sam Harris is known to slaughter pigs and eat their entrails and hallow out the pig’s head and wear over his all awhile terrorizing the small New England town locals. Sam still today haunts the hills surrounding Devil’s Washbowl where they say he lies with the pigs and is also known for bestiality spawning half man half pig offspring.
Sam is the Pig Man I tell you!
by D.E. Harris November 01, 2009
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(n) Half-man, half-pig, it's speculated that the government has been experimenting with pig men since the 50's. Made famous by Cosmo Kramer in the TV sit-com "Seinfeld" in the episode "The Bris".
"Believe me, Jerry. Somewhere in this hospital, the anguished 'oink' of Pig-Man cries out for help."
by Tizztone July 26, 2012
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Local historian Pam Witherspoon (1918-1953) wrote a short story about Sam Harris "The Pig Man" which was featured in the Northfield News titled “Sam was a good boy, not a swine”. She mysteriously went missing and was found 2 years later dismembered in the Devil's Washbowl with the words “Picket night” carved in her skull. Sam's mother Linda herself claimed to see her son one late night in 1954 dragging pig organs across her porch on Union Brook Road in Northfield Vermont. He left them at her door step as a cat or dog would a prized kill as a gift. She said her son’s eyes were wild and that he squealed a high pitch sound as he jumped up and down drooling pointing with his bloody hands down at the ground. Linda took her life 13 days later by jumping into a pig farm pen and being eaten alive by a swarm of ravenous pigs. Some say she was dragged into the pen by Sam but no eye witness ever stepped forward. Others say she went to save her son but the pigs attacked to protect their adopted son. Locals had all the pigs destroyed which is said to have set the Pig Man into violent rages that left hundreds of animals and possibly at least 3 human deaths. Still to this day locals gather in pickup trucks and ready their rifles after a night of drinking and boldly set out to hunt The Pig Man down.
The Pig Man is eating and having sex with pigs and then wearing their fucking heads over his!
by ATSW November 02, 2009
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Some fat guy with lots of freckles and a stupid sticking nose. He is a gay fag.
Hey look, its a nangou and hes punching that pigfagman whos name is anush.
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noun;an individual in charge of an enterprise, or small business, who has a small amount of power that allows him to think he is someone important. Usually uneducated, with low moral character.
Pigman; Hey you idiots; when are you going to be finished?
Worker; We just started, it will atke a couple of days.
Pigman; Make sure you have my kickback money when you are done, I don't care how much money you lose. Fuck you, pay me.
by Dman57 April 09, 2008
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