4 definitions by james and heather

Grith - this is the circumference of the shaft of a dyslexic male's penis
EG, OMG, last night I slept with Orson, and even though he's thick as pig shit he has a huge grith

or Cleetus can't spell but his grith sure is impressive
by james and heather January 24, 2008
The fat that bedangles below the waist line on a hideously obese male.

This can be accentuated by wearing a garish and too tight belt.
OMFG look at the penis pelmet on him!!!!
by james and heather January 24, 2008
Piet: A diet consisting entirely of pie.

The sort of diet, that thousands of obese women go on in January.

They will often be heard to ask. "How may calories have burnt whilst strolling the 0.3 miles to the chippie?"

Women who go on piets, are doomed to remain fat munters for the rest of their miserable lives.
"I know i am hideously obese, and dont want to die in a pool of my own sweat in bed, beacuse i'm too fat to get out of bed, so i am going to go on a piet"

"where is the remote, oh fat one?" "It's under my tit, time to go on a piet... The phone hasnt turned up yet either.
by james and heather January 25, 2008
Overdoze: To accidentally kill one's self using sleeping tablets
E.g I hate it so much when you go home and overdoze, such as with heath ledger.
by james and heather January 23, 2008