i have a piet
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
Otherwise known as "Prom Diet." A lifestyle change. Drom Pieters are often girls who want to look bomb at prom.
"Sheli stop eating so much shit- WHAT ABOUT DROM PIET?!"
by Alanaajayy January 21, 2016
Jake:"did you know he used to nail his victems down on burning ships?"
Jake:"Piet Hein
by "max krakers" September 17, 2006
Someone who usedto be emo, but as since become normal
by xvPojag October 20, 2008
You can't use DJ Piet in an example, you can only experience it.
by AnkiSoFluffy June 23, 2022
Swampie bonker, Trauma, Held, Nachtmerrie, Merrie, Marsepijn.
Person 1: OMG I got A Zwarte Piet!!!!
Person 2: Ohh Mannn I wish I had a Zwarte Piet.
by Sjimpie Sjampie January 28, 2019
Often used in some Germanic languages to describe a penis.
Show your Piet!
by Daddychil November 20, 2021