Sinterklaas is a 500 year old man with a long white beard.
On the 5th of december it is his birthday and he gives away presents to little childeren in a sack.
In one night he and his black slaves deliver them to all houses in the Netherlands and Belgium where little childeren live.
The word and character Santa Claus has been based on 'Sinterklaas'.
Each year he comes from Spain on his big boat with all his slaves and heads for the Netherlands.
While it really is just an actor that is payed to do all this.
cool, its the 5th of december today
ffs, I hope I get some cool shit this year.. last year I only got a dildo.
damn sinterklaas
by Zero-G October 24, 2005
it's a kinda santa dude who molest little kids together with his nigga friends called pieten
sinterklaas gave me a present
by floortje November 14, 2003
Its a 998603 year old white guy that give Candy to childeren and have a nigga slave to help him to get childeren fat fuckers
jasper: im gay and loves kissing my father

sinterklaas: do you have a fatther!

jasper: no
by li keman April 30, 2022