Phubbing: snubbing someone in favour of your mobile phone. We’ve all done it: when a conversation gets boring, the urge to check out an interesting person’s twitter/ Facebook/ Youtube/ Pinterest/whatever feed can be overwhelming.
I went out for a date with Johnny and he didn't stop phubbing me the whole time, it was so rude, i ended up leaving early!
by Stop Phubbing July 3, 2012
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The practice of ignoring a companion,acquaintance or significant other in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile devices.
Jenni: "So i'm trying to figure out what to do for Easter weekend,I dont know if I want to visit my family for supper or go to the movies with Jordan"

Kendra: *pretends to listen to Jenni talk about her Easter plans while going through her Instagram page trying to upload her selfie*

by tynickerson31 March 27, 2018
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When someone talks to you while texting or typing on the computer.
Stop phubbing im trying to tell you something important
by AI Goalies April 23, 2018
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Phubbing is often confused with snubbing an individual in favor of your mobile device. In reality Phubbing is defined as the act of enjoying a film on the preferred porn network PornHub.
Do you have a date tonight? No, I'm staying in and Phubbing.
by Tendo Tendick December 14, 2016
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An acronym of PornHub, can be used as a code word to talk to people about
Yo, bro I just saw the best thing ever on PHub.
by ILikeToEatPussyDaily April 16, 2017
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The art of looking at your device while someone is trying to communicate with your tech obsessed capitalist ass.

A display of utter cuntishness in the modern age of moronic device driven drones that lack everything unless they are able to get 4g.
'Hello - ..'ive just seen a.......'
' **doesnt speak looks at phone half way through just one sentence ... ***phubbing

'ive just been phubbed... 'what a phubbing prick'... it possibly saved me from a very dull conversation'
by tom healey September 10, 2016
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*When your friend looks up porn hub (p-hub) and you want to keep it a secret.
* And if he asks what it is its the cealing.
*He will always deny it and say its a myspace pop-up.
* Kids with the name ben and have A.D.D
* And makes funny faces in basketball.
*Phubby Moons PLUS Stoons
by Mercers Finest July 25, 2010
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