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Tumblr for housewives.
80% of all Pinterest users are women and about 99% of its content is pure virtual estrogen.
by Name M. I. Surname April 15, 2013
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a social networking site that allows you to figuratively "pin" pictures of your likes/interests in a simple, organized fashion
I am a type a personality and I just love tacking all of my favs on pinterest!
by gazebo11 August 03, 2011
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A website that allows users to post and share activities that they enjoy; such as recipes, clothing, etc. essentially 4chan
for ladies.
My girlfriend is WAY into pinterest recently. I don't get it. They don't even have a section for hentai!
by J.J. the radical October 04, 2012
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Essentially 4chan and tumblr to a degree, but it is dominated by women mostly (About 88%) The other 12% is pretty much fags or transgender homosexuals. Upon looking at my ex girlfriends pinterest, i was overcome by home much stupid stuff there was to be seen. From what i saw, you "Repin" what others have posted. In her case, recipes for food (Fat ass), housing arrangements, ways in how you can get a good workout (Bullshit, use a gym), etc. I'm guessing that is what tomboys pin. The normal female posts about her wedding day, accreditations and true values in a relationship, the size of their boyfriends monster cock, etc. Shit like that is just stupid on both ends, i do however have to give my youngest sister credit she posts nothing of the kind, instead, she simply bashes on them and their pins.
Tammy pinned about a mix of applesauce and bananas and caused 500 other young, naive, women to slather that shit in their hair and make a huge fucking mess that not even the hairdresser could fix, instead, they called sergeant dornan and they all got a buzz cut.

Tammy, all us guys forever reserve you a spot at the bar, man cave, and or bed.

This is what you get for believing shit on pinterest, a buzz cut...was it worth it?
by Boats n' hoes August 01, 2013
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Some claim that this is known as a domestic goddess version of tumblr but it's a useful tool for those who are in investigative journalism and are noted for writing creative nonfiction. It's handy when doing research and able to pin subject's photos and their own blog entries after they get freight-trained or handed a journalistic kapow; it's useful for fact checking as it gives a visual aid for those who do a CBSNews or FoxNewsChannel form of investigative journalism as a hobby on Wordpress and tumblr. It's a fun plaything for pundits. It's easy something to piss off those who use twitter. They have a certain limit for one's commentary on the pins or when uploads their own as they can put a url behind the link. Some pinterest pins on profiles might turn a few heads; though Friday the 13th alumn Lar Park Linkin with her pins shows she's a bit lighter and softer than other horror alumni. Heather Langenkamp is known for the twitter tag #specialplaceinhell as The Cabbie Homicide writer also used this tag and #rightsideofhistory when speaking up for science from a Christian and Conservative perspective as he's a theistic evolutionist who engaged the son of Dr. Dino.
The Cabbie Homicide writer really employs pinterest for his fact checking? Wait how many pins does he have on the fact checking board? oh shit he's really detailed in his findings. He uses the fact checking pins to pound on pedophiles and criminals as he pinned the article where the cop taunted a shooter with K-Y jelly in the courtroom.
by illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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