an app where you look at everyone living perfect lives while you're sitting on your bed doing nothing, hoping your life could be as great as theirs.
Jane: Dude, look at this pinterest board
Rachel: Aw, i wish i were her
by handydandygirl March 18, 2021
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Tumblr for housewives.
80% of all Pinterest users are women and about 99% of its content is pure virtual estrogen.
by Name M. I. Surname April 15, 2013
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Pinning your interests in the form of pictures
Hey, Did you see what I pinned on Pinterest
by goldsoul July 20, 2015
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At church,while on cell phone looking things up on pinterest
"Our father who art in the internet,

Hallowed be thy name,
Thy ideas come,

And will be done

Here as they are online,
Give us this pin, our daily images,
and forgive us for our constant posts,

As we forgive those that comment against us,

And lead us not into screen addiction,

And deliver us from Google images

For divine is the device,
The WiFi and the battery power,
For as long as the battery lasts,

by Anonymouse🐀 November 24, 2018
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What always comes out when you search for images in Google Images Search.
Pinterest is a plague in the internet. Almost every images in Google are from Pinterest and Google doesn't even give a fuck about it. Pinterest should be banned forever from all Google search results.
by raphael t. October 19, 2018
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If yoga pants and became sentient and developed a society, it would operate entirely off this website.
What? Pinterest still exists?!?
by JimmothyTT April 18, 2019
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