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The process where you try to call someone and only get their answering machine. They in turn get the message and call you only to get your voice mail. Repeat until one of you give up.
by SWZ September 30, 2003
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When you call someone, and they miss your call. Then they call back, and you miss their call.
Dammit, I tried to call Jennifer, but she was asleep. Then she called me back when I was in the shower! We've been playing phone tag all morning.
by j_praxis November 07, 2010
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a silly little game where one bored person calls another and says "tag youre it"; the receiver of the call then continues the game by calling another person, and so on. The game ends when an annoyed person who has received five calls from five different people decides to not call anyone, thereby discontinuing the chain of phone calls. One can keep from receiving multiple phone calls by saying "no tag backs" to the person who calls.
stephanie got called five times in one game of phone tag because she forgot to say "no tag backs".
by stephanie December 31, 2004
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