2 definitions by Nohoneyno

Jospeh is the best person to exist he is so nice and caring even though he hates your bsf he’s still a great bf you hope that you will be with him for a long time he tells you ilysfm everyday and makes you so happy he drives you crazy and you’re always thinking about him you wonder if he thinks about you too he’s rlly cute and a great person
Oh my lord you’re dating Joseph how’d that happen

Idk I guess he likes me

Well ye ofc he does he has his arm around you the whole time during the movies

by Nohoneyno May 27, 2019
Phoenix, Is the coolest chill person you will ever meet she is always there even when you don’t need her to be she always tries to help people but can’t because she is not perfect she goes through a lot and even though she does this she always puts other first she always expresses her feelings but doesn’t expect the best response she doesn’t expect one but always gives one.
“Hey Phoenix wanna hang out today?”
“Phoenix shared gummy bears with me”
“Can Phoenix have a sleepover?”
by Nohoneyno April 9, 2018