A collection of buildings and trees that just barely qualifies as a town in Southern California. If anything, a hellhole is a better name for it because the weather can never make up its fucking mind. Its main features are Stater Brothers and Serrano High School. A majority of the residents are doing or have done some kind of illegal drug, due to the fact that all the drug dealers gather at the high school. The football team and academics are actually pretty good, but that's because of the drugs too. In the winter, everyone goes to Wrightwood because it's better there. In the summer, they go back to Wrightwood. During the spring and autumn, they go find whatever relatives they have who don't live in Phelan and stay there. Despite all the bad things people say about Phelan, they all secretly love it here.
Person 1: I live in Phelan.
Person 2: You poor thing.
by Lallafrall December 8, 2011
Phelan: a town in southern california's high desert inhabited by meth heads and desert rats; known only for its high school "Phelan High" which is the only large structure for 50 miles in all directions
-hey you go to phelan high dont you? thats such a little town and you guys are near nothing what do you do for fun?
(reply)-smoke weed and bake meth for the skin heads
by king of the dirt March 28, 2011
This place once was lush with water. Now it has a city full of dried up bottom feeders, Meth heads and those not on it areeven more pathetic in their uneducated selves. They cover to Wrightwood area as well. Ignorance dwells here with the racism, uneducated, not morally grounded dirty trash of all nationalities. Walk into any store in this place and see these dried up things to that once could have been human. If they are not on meth- they once were or will be again. Brothers marry sisters in the same family. Mother's teach their children the meth ways showing and raising their children to follow their ways. Women and men here are the epitome of "Idiocracy" in the works.
Even Google says it correctly, Phelan (felon)
by Crystal Crusher December 11, 2018
An over all awesome dude, who's not famous now but YOU JUST WAIT MOTHA FUCKA!!!
CHILL phelan
by ryhmen April 23, 2013
A girl who smells bad and shits on you during sex
Dude, emma is such a phelane
by Poiter July 5, 2006
A compulsive talker at a very fast pace.
I was in a lecture this morning on Irish poetry and it was so boring. What made it worse was the fact the lecturer was a sinead phelan!!!!
by General Krantz March 5, 2019